Traditional marketing methods like ads in industry magazines leave your wallet lighter and don’t satisfy your hungry business enough.

Your prospects are not always ready to buy; you need to stay top of mind until they are, and until now it has been very hard to do this cost effectively.

You can post here a copy of the advertising pages you paid to any media worldwide, or you can post the cover of your catalog at a fraction of those costs.

Your page will appear here for 12 months starting from your payment received.

Advertise here your best Venues and Services or your Country and show them to the 240,000 partners in the world of  and to 8,500 Top Companies & 6,500 associations.

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– you can post a banner linked to your home page. (€ 250 per Year)

– you can post a movie with a link to Youtube or your website. (€ 300 per Year)

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– you can insert a post with a direct link to your pages. (€ 300 per Year)

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– You can post a banner  (€ 250 per Year)

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Here you can show updated information about your Venues anf services or about your Company so buyers know what you have to offer or to suggest.

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